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im not sure if this is appro, but still, i ask for help [Feb. 7th, 2006|10:27 pm]


my girlfriend avoided me for over a week than she dumped me to get back together w her ex gf. after a wkend of bliss between the two of them, the ex burned my gf(or exgf, whtev) by not knowing if she really wants to be w her.

instantly im called and asked to come. i miss 3 classes & an appt & go directly to her. she breaks down worse than ive seen in my life. i try to comfort. my gf than tries to talk things out w ex on phone & on msn, while im asked to stay.

im trying to play the pt of a friend b/c thats what id hope someone would do for me, but my ex can be very vengeful & now wants me to go back to her house tonight to chill & watch movie, which used to lead to... other "events" to be truthful.

i doubt she wants anything other than my support rite now. but my friends are pissed at me. they remind me she has avoided me since the breakup & she may try to use me as a replacement 4 an ex once again.
plz what am i to make of this? do i even have the whole story? is this just how the world works? plz, can anyone speak? have questions? i'll answer, i simply ask for all of your assistance. i thank you for your time. take care.